9 Egyptian (Non-Ramdan) Series You Must Have Watched At One Point In Your Lives

By: Aicha Korachy

3ashan neb2a metef2een, masr heyya Hollywood el shark… ahh ethawasna bel drama el
turkey wel lebnany, w msA 3aleina wesel beena el 7al lel hindi kaman, bs fee keda shewayet mosalsalat masry, matetfawetsh. Ab-a-dan. So here I am rocking it a old school for the first few and then switching back to the modern series of our beloved Egyptian production:

One : Yawmeyat Wanis

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.56.45 PM.png
Mosalsal el tefoola

Okay, khaleena metef2een 3ala 7aga keda, kol Tefl Masr Aseel shaf wa law 7ala2a wa7da men Yomeyat Wanis. El mosalsal dah was life changing, we learned more life lessons watching this than listening to some life coach who takes a few hundred pounds a week.
The series revolves around Wanis, a working class, middle aged man and his large loving family of four loving kids and wife Maysa2. Oh my God I honestly can’t talk enough about how beautiful this series was. Eight seasons that made a big portion of my life, it started in 1994 and reruns were ongoing after I was born. My parents let me watch it unsupervised at the age of 5… pretty much sums up how family friendly it was. The best part? You got to watch to watch the actors grow and age on screen because the cast wasn’t changed. Even when one of the main characters died in real life, they incorporated the death as part of the series, because it’s a part of life. Absolutely beautiful.

Two: Bakiza w Zagloul

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.57.25 PM.png
Mosalsal wa2t nostalgia mama

What happens when a sophisticated, upper class widow looses all her riches and is left without income? The funniest series ever. Married off as a teenager to a rich old man to inherit him, Bakiza and her family long for the day he dies and leaves all his money… Unfortunately for her, he lives for 20 more years and dies after loosing all his riches except his home. The home which he left for his wife and long lost “son”… who turns out to be a woman named Zaghloul. Zaghloul is everything Bakiza is not. Unsophisticated, broke since birth, hard working woman, orphaned at a young age.. and both are stuck together. But Zaghloul, being knowledgeable in
the ways of the world and of a working background, is stuck with educating Bakiza on how to fend for herself in this world as a broke woman with no family.

Three: El Bab fel Bab

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.58.09 PM.png
mosalsal wa2t el tafkeer fi relationship

An Egyptian version of the American TV series “Everybody Loves Raymond”, where a newly married man and his wife move next door to his parents and newly divorced brother. Next door as in, two apartments, two door in front of each other and two kitchen door in front of each other. No escape. A family of the classic 7amma, who never ceases to disappoint at bringing her daughter-in-law down for her cleaning, cooking, child raising tactics and even just her modern woman ideologies. A grumpy father-in-law who’s sole joy is eating in front of the TV and making his wife’s life miserable “like she does his”. As for the brother-in-law? He is the unfavored, bitter older brother who will always be less than Hesham, his successful, newly married older brother. This funny sitcom went viral across all Egyptian TV channels until it was later stopped after 90
episodes of laughter.

Four: 7ajar Gohanam

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 8.58.50 PM.png
Shereen Reda w Arwa Gouda w Kinda Alloush – w bas kda

Criticized for it’s “violent plot”, 7ajar Gohanam sparked a lot of controversy over being
broadcasted in 2017, the series revolves around three women in three miserable marriages… and how they set a plot to murder them. Only the murder was shown as accidental and the secret was hurried away within their hearts. Three women who were strangers, found friendship over their hatred towards their husbands. Not much to say here but, must watch. Female empowerment at its finest, yet at times truly conflicting as whether it was moral to support murder.

Five: Sabe3 Gar

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.00.00 PM.png
Hany Adel w Nicola Mouawwad – eh baa?

Well, it’s running now, so watch it! It faces a lot of society’s problems, as Traditional Egyptians and as the rising gender caught up between being modern and their cultural ties. The series follows different stories of an apartment building in Cairo. Within each apartment a story, most of which are intertwined and give you chills of mixed emotions.


Six: Ragel w Set Setat

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.01.22 PM.png
Mosalsal EL Morahqa

Probably the most watched (and re-watched) Egyptian series ever. The sitcom follows a man living in an apartment with his wife, mom, mother-in-law, daughter, sister-in-law and sister. Six women, one man. The sitcom revolves around his daily life as a middle class man who provides for his six women through his private business of selling Egyptian statues and ornaments. His best friends and employee is a dim-witted, cute, little guy who takes a lot (and a lot) of reprimanding for his idiotic actions and sometimes, simply, out of habit from Adel his manager and best friend.

Seven: Niran Sadiqa

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.02.06 PM.png
Dhafer L’Abidine w Amr Youssef + his then future wife Kinda Alloush

Here’s to the horror lovers! A very spooky, creepy, death filled series about a group of friends separated over the years by tragedy and joined back again by tragedy. The series is an insight to the dark side of using black magic and how much want and desire could, not only drive you mad, but also drive you to kill. It talks about jealousy, hatred, insane love and many more human emotions and how a moment of pure emotion could drive someone towards an endless pit of regretful actions. I don’t recommend you watch it at night, because it’s realistic events can make you wish you never have friends again. But then again, how do you rule out the fake friends form the true ones?


Eight: Tamer w Shawkeya

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 9.03.30 PM.png
Fishawy pre-tattoos? Mai Kassab pre-Oka w Ortega

Another comedic sitcom, that follows another married couple’s life, but this time, it shows the life of an upper class man married to simple Egyptian girl or a very Egyptian background… the cultural class between the families is immense! But the show follows their life and navigating through it, not only as being a married couple (which is hard enough in any society), but also as two people coming from two completely different worlds.

Nine: Qesset 7ob

For the hardcore romantics, a love story like no other, Gamal Soliman the famed Egyptian actor, plays the cutest love struck middle aged man who falls in love with Basma, who plays a conservative religious woman. As the episodes follow their seemingly forbidden love, Basma’s son dives deeper and deeper into extremism and extremists religious groups. Covering topics from Love to Terrorism, this Egyptian series is guaranteed to make you cry, because trust me the emotions in each episode will just crush your tiny little pre-kesset 7ob heart.

Hope you watch these and leave us comments about which you intend to see and whether you know any of these! DM me at aichaa.korachy on instagram your emotional roller coaster after watching any of these or at TeennTimes! We’ll be sure to be reactive with you about these series that captured our heart!


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