Therapeutic Trip Together – Episode 0

By: Hanya Grida

Me and you are going on a journey together where we create our own happiness and deviate from society’s traditional journeys of pursuing happiness. We will selectively put together our happy  ingredients instead of merely looking for the right dish and not necessarily finding it. We are going on a one to one, hopefully never-ending, trip. After every meditating episode, we will be better versions of ourselves by maybe being more self-aligned/ inspired/ motivated/ expressive OR less negative/cliche/trite ,together.

To accomplish that, we will hold on to poetry like a flashlight that will illuminate what we never got the chance to reach inside of us. In other words, we will experience a new breed of yoga classes: expressive, relatable, poetic episodes. I promise this will not only allow me and you to connect on a spiritual level, but will also enable you access to your within , just like it did to me. I mean, poetry will not necessarily affect you  the same exact way it did with me but this trip will mold itself to suit you and heal your fatigue .

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.50.26 PM.png

You may be thinking “how is poetry going to be my therapy or meditation when I was never into it?”. I wasn’t interested in this shit either and I remember looking into spoken word like why the hell are they overreacting? Crying? Sobbing? Wait, cutting and showing off their cuts like their arms were canvases? All that stayed the same until I came across poetry I understood and felt a connection with.

All that stayed the same until it was my only way to show people that I’m crashing the stereotypes of “young, hot and dumb”. I literally used to read out my poetry every single first  time i’m out with a new guy to tell him “don’t you dare sexualize me!”. Oh, and if this guy doesn’t get it then I put him under the “you cannot deal with a girl like me” kinda label. Poetry is art. Art is self-expression. No art is beautiful; no art is ugly. Art is art. This trip will enable you to create your own art. This trip will catalyze your art. This trip will catalyze every artwork, you.

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.50.19 PM.png

Our Therapeutic Trip Together’s program:

  1. Excerpt from a poem that I found interesting/wrote myself/or received via email from you (

Note: Poems will be chosen according to what we can relate to as teen girls and boys; it will be mainly modern and excerpted from sources like tumblr,weheartit,me,you…e.t.c

  1. If the poem is somehow unclear, episodes will include a break down of the work.
  2. My personal reflection on the poem, which will unveil your first read and give you access to self-expression through learning how to read between the lines.
  3. Questions that will help you relate to the poem and use my reflection to create your very own reflection (If you wouldn’t mind, email it to me and we can connect even more).
  4. By the end of every episode, you may be inspired to create your own art. (email it to me if it is emailable and let’s reflect on it together).

Note: Incase your art is not email-able, notify me and we will find a way!

When experiencing every episode:

  1. Breathe in.Breathe out.
  2. Read slowly. Do not quite get it? Read again.
  3. Relate.Relate. Relate. Relate.
  4. Email me when you have something to say. Email me feedback. Email me your experience. Email me your reflections. We connect and make art.
  5. Picture Speaks:Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 8.50.11 PM.png


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