Embarrassing Moments All Teenagers Go Through

By: Lana Hazem

Welcome back to another story time article -it’s been a while I know.

Tab3an as teenagers we have to be embarrassed, whether it’s by ourselves, our friends, our parents, or even strangers.

Here are a bunch of funny yet cringy stories that i have personally went through -and let me tell you, i’m a master in embarrassing myself.


A cat peed on my bag

Ah, it happened, w kanet haga kazera. Once upon a time there was a girl a3da betzaker fy 2aman ellah, la2et otta betlef hawaleiha and was like okay this is normal, kanet hatta shantetha 3ala el ard w she was paying no mind at all to what’s happening, nezlet tgeib haga mel shanta, little did she know the cat thought it was a litter box. Sabah el araf ya3ny, her day was ruined. That girl? Me.


People think I hate them

If you’re like me, and you don’t like to communicate with people who are outside of your ‘social bubble’ then this happens to you countless times. You’re out with your friend w fy nas mate3rafyhomsh fa you’re basically sitting there holding your phone and refreshing Instagram and Whatsapp every 2 minutes w mafysh had me3abarrek. Automatically, people assume en enty tenka w shayfa nafssek w enek motakaberra, true story is, you’re too awkward to function.


Awkward eye contact with strangers

Sadly, I have very ‘mean’ looks w when I look at people they think en ana baboselhom b araf -i’m not oksembellah!. One time kont mashya fel nady and there was a 20-something year old guy and he was screaming about how hungry he is -zayyena kolena- Involuntarily, I had to look, when I did, we made eye contact w as I said before, I tend to have a ‘mean’ bassa fa ba3d ma msheit 3aaltoul I heard him say to a girl next to him “Shayfa el bent dy bassetly ezay eh dah” and he started laughing.. I intimidate people I guess?


Lama had ye2feshek bettkalemy 3ano

We’ve all been through this, teb2y a3da ma3 sahbetek w betetkalemy 3an had ayan kan walad walla bent baa, bas tekouno a3dein w betala3o gheloko fel bane2adam el ento msh tay2eino w fag2a el a3dein ma3aky yeskoto, w enty mestaghraba homa leh sekto fag2a bas sabah el foll 3al ghaba2 lessa mekamella kalam, lama te7essi eno el skout el homa feeh dah over tebossi keda w b kol baga7a tes2ali “fy eh malko makhrouseen keda” yerod sout men waraki “3ashan ana wa2fa/wa2ef waraki” tab3an bete2leby tamatmaya mota7arekka w nefssek el ard tetsha2 w tebla3ek.. Ouch.


Lama tekooun betsawar had w el flash yefta7

Dy bete7ssaly kteir awyyyyyy.. Marra kont f biology lesson and we had a break fel nos keda w the teacher kan shaklo yedahak awy begd and it had to be captured fa i opened snapchat w zay el shatra wana basawar el flash eshtaghal, tab3an the dr bassely basset este7kar w ana 3ashan atala3 nafssy men el mawkef dah 3amalt eh? I started banging my phone on the table w olt keda bezabtt “el flash beta3 el telefon beyefta7 lewahdo w el telefon haneg  uff eh el araf dah, sorry ya dr khadeitak” it was bad.. Really bad.


These are some of the embarrassing moments you might encounter bas tab3an fy kteir awy; from getting your period in public to waving at a stranger you thought was your friend.. But lets be real, they make good stories fel akher..


Lana outtt xxx


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