Kefaya 7ewarat – The Gossiping Needs To Stop

By: Aric William

Also titled: Kefaya 7ewarat – #Bringthegoodvibesback

Bosso. Ana bakrah le3b el 3eyal w el ra5ama. Fa hear me out.

You NEED to stop gossiping. Talking shit has to stop. Spreading rumors also has to stop. Ay 7aga negative, stop it. Here’s why:

Sure… fi nas bet7eb gossip. You like hearing all those juicy details about this girl’s kiss with that guy or these details about this guy smoking weed, but it’s so negative. Negativity is such a bad thing. I never describe things as bad, so en ana a2ool en heya bad… it’s impure. It’s BAD! It’s pure impurity.

I know some of you might think this is weird, but I completely and with full devotion believe in vibes. Vibes are there. Good vibes, bad vibes, negative vibes, productive vibes, all the vibes! They are around and within you and they impact everyone around you. So, if Baheera goes and talks shit about Sherihan, Nelly hatekta2eb. Baheera w Sherihan caused drama and when drama is in the air, negative vibes are everywhere!

Begad lazem nekbar w nela7ez en e7na ya3ni 5alas da5leen 3ala en e7na nekoon young adults. Fa nekbar w ne32al w nebatal 5ara el 3eyal dah.

Don’t talk shit. Esmaha shit for a reason. Shit da 5ara ya3ni 7aga me3afena and you talk it, so you better stop. Negative vibes and drama suck! Begad how do you even balance this shit with school…? Like, ana Full IB and trust me, I succeeded el7 en ana asheel most of the negativity and unproductive vibes el fel dof3a and trust me, I’m worrying so much less. It’s less weight to carry.

Being positive and productive will spread the fam vibe in school. I know most of you are students and you’re all in school fa you all have a dof3a. The vibes in my school are begad family vibes and that’s because I decided to have good vibes all around el dof3a. We stress a lot less because mafeesh drama w mafeesh hate w mafeesh negative vibes.

If you don’t gossip, you’ll have less on your mind, aslun, so not only will everyone like each other, or try to at least, but mmken terakezo f shoghl el madrasa aktar.


Leh…? Begad leh… Ya3ni you and I know en you won’t like it if the tables were turned fa leh? Begad rumors are the worst thing people can talk about or spread in school because they not only spread negativity, but are begad just 5ara. Battalo begad el shoghl dah…

Now, this part is for you drama queens. I’m sorry, but why you gotta be a bitch? Why you gotta go around talking shit about people behind their backs then act like the victim… Why can’t you take the blame rather than put other people in your shit? Why can’t you grow up and fucking realize that you are (supposedly) mature enough to take responsibility for your actions? For you, just for you, I hope your ass gets busted (and clapped).

Less drama, more love.

Less bad vibes, more good vibes.

Less negativity, more positivity.

Less “ana begad se2et”, “ana has2at”, “I’m actually failing”, and “I’m going to fail”, more “I can do this if I study enough”, “next time, I’ll work harder”, and “I got this! I can do it!”.

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