4 Qualities That Are Total Turnoffs If Found In a Girl

By: Lana Hazem

Disclaimer: this is in no way meant to promote misogyny.

Have you ever wondered why some girls -me- would rather have friends that are boys? Begd walahy, ana men el nas el msh betheb sohabha yekouno banat -w batfehem ghalat kteirrrr- let me tell you why I despise some girls.

1- Two faced

Some girls -I won’t say most- are two faced ledaraga mor3eba begd, el howa she’s on the phone with you delwaty w bet2olek ad eh heya bethebek then awel ma te2felo tekalem sahbetek w te7kelha 2ad eh heya msh tay2aky w nefsaha tewala3 feeki -yarab tewla3 heya b arafha dah.

2- Maysa

“Oh my god! Dafry etkassar ma3akii mabrad?!!” This is a little stereotypical Bas trust me, it happens kteir. Doul baa the types of girls el homa english 24/7 w beyetkalemo 3an moghamarathom 7awl al 3alam w beyetmanzaro b azayez el mayya el Evian. Khalas, 3refna enek f madrassa English, kolenna bene3raf netkalem english walahyyy, w 3erefna enek kol weekend f balad, kolenna bensafer bardo, if you’re actually as “classy” as you claim to be, you wouldn’t be bragging about silly shit.

3- Damaha te2eil

Beyhawlo yehazaro w beyefshalo, dayman w arkham haga fel mawdou3 enohom fakrein nafsohom Kevin Hart masalan, no, habebty enty damek yoltosh begd. The problem is, they joke in English w haga mostafezza w begd if I had .. kano etfa2a3o men zaman.

4- Tafha

El tafaha esloub hayah benezbalhom, ya3ny begd fag2a

I’ll tell you why I like guys better than most girls, tey are not dramatic khalessss, 3omrek sme3ty masalan bent w walad etkhan2o 3ashan beygheer menha? If you and a guy are good friends, 3omro ma haytkalem 3aleky men wara dahrek, he’ll always protect you and he’s way funnier than no3 el banat elly feihom el qualities el mo2rfa di.
Okay, I do have girl friends bas they’re basically “guys” to me, ya3ny we treat each other as guys, thats why our friendship works, we get each other w we hate the same people wel hayah mashya kewys.


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