About Growing Up

By: Hanna Haitham

Also titled: Highlight of the Years

We all start out as children, same innocence planted inside us as seeds constantly watered by our parents. We get our first bikes and scrape our knees witnessing the physical part of pain, we eat candy and stain our shirts from all the ice cream and refuse eating vegetables. As we grow the water that plants our seeds of innocence, turns to acid and innocence decays slowly until it falls to nothingness.

Friends start showing up in the picture, and relationships form, influences start, we laugh, go to parties, enjoy the lust we have for life, we say that we’ll stay friends forever and take photos that we frame in our hearts. Then relationships take over with the butterflies you get in your stomach and you’re so confused because you have nothing else to compare it to.

The journey starts and you think this is the love of your life, the cute photos and the cheesy captions, the teddy bears, chocolate boxes and necklaces. You carve your names on a tree, and later the midnight phone calls with fights, the muffled sobs you hear, the heartaches. The pang in your chest as you rip apart your teddy bear and make a mental note to burn that tree. Then pressure, decisions, decisions that cloud your vision, and you’re so busy you forget about that broken relationship. There are just too many decisions, college applications, internships, extracurriculars, your studies. And you feel like your drowning, one pen stroke at a time.

You have too many dreams lining up that you want to chase, you feel like they’re all going to take off running, I guess you’ll feel a little reassurance when you step inside the college campus and feel like you have your whole life ahead of you. Studies slam into you, you have a few flings but nothing works out because dreams are more important than guys, you have less and less time with your friends as each of you flies off to another part of the planet to get your college degrees.

Months, years, and decades pass and you look back at all of this you remember what a hassle it was growing up, the whirlwind of emotions, the storm of heartbreaks, the tsunami of effort, and most of all the hurricane of decisions. But it was worth it.


Moral of the story:

growing up is a hassle it’s like your whole body has to accommodate to its surroundings each decade, you discover things about yourself, things about people around you. You struggle, you study, and you chase your dreams, you break, mend, fall in love, you find out some things are more important than others, you return back to your roots and you regain a bit of sanity each step of the way, but it’s always worth it.

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