10 Weekly Self Care Habits to Keep You De-Stressed

By: Aicha Korachy

So most of us are either in the midst of exams or approaching them, others are maybe on break but that doesn’t keep the stress from chasing us down with an ax, so while welcoming the “New Year, New Me” bullshit, here are 10 weekly habits you should actually do to make sure you’re de-stressed.

1. A Long Hot Bath:

Proven to loosen muscles and relax your thoughts, hot baths are an amazing way to make sure your week comes to relaxing start or a relaxing end. Try to make your regular showers/bath within the week are not as long so that your body is programmed to relax completely at this weekly appointed me-time. Music is also a great way to get your mind off of things, so turn your favorite playlist on and relax for while.


2. Take 90-minute Nap:

Naps are generally good for your health, but the right amount is. Getting exactly 90-minutes of sleep will set you in REM, Rapid Eye Movement, sleep which you can read all about its benefits here: https://sleep.org/articles/napping-health-benefits/ You must give your body much needed sleep because naps help you de-stress, recharge and give your mind the capacity to become both creative and a better problem solver. The best time to get some shut-eye would be between 1:00-3:00p.m


3. Workout:

I hear you, I hate cardio, too, but that’s the point, anything that gets your heart pumping and your muscles working boots you physically and emotionally, exercise releases endorphins which make you happy and decreases stress level, so each week make sure you through a few swings at a punching bag or jump around for 30 minutes. I shouldn’t be saying this because I don’t wanna be a hypocrite, but you really should be exercising daily.


4. Quality Time:

Whether you prefer to spend time with your family or your friends, it has been proven that spending time with people you love increases levels of a hormone called oxytocin, “the love and bonding neurochemical”, which suppresses depression, relieves stress, boots happiness and fights anxiety. On a weekly basis, I have to have a family movie night or at least a nice lengthy, heartfelt conversation with my momma; it keeps you part of the family, because life can distract you from it soo many times..  


5. Enjoy Some Sun Time:

Not only is it crucial for your vitamin D, but spending time outside in the sun with make you energized and ready to take the week head on. Sitting on the grass will supply you with positive energy, I shit you not I can sometime feel it tingling between my toes.


6. Get a Good Balanced Breakfast:

Check out some of our healthy recipes or check our latest Breakfast Spots article for some inspiration!


7. Write Three Positive Things About Yourself- courtesy of my best friend Nour El-Shafie (helps with building self-confidence)


8. Cheat Treat:

Indulge in a meal/snack you’ve been craving all week, even if it’s unhealthy of high in calories, give your body a weekly break from being locked up in greens.


9. Call a Friend and Tell them About Your Week:

feedback is important, interactions are important and sometime blowing off steam by bitching about your week is very very important.


10. We all have our own secret ways of de-stressing! Mine is watching a movie or an episode of 2 Broke Girls, find your own and add it to the list!

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