Loving Yourself Is Normal?

By: Zeinah Hesham

Loving yourself is the act of being completely at peace with who you are , improving yourself and never hating on anyone else and seeing them as a competition that needs to be taken down – when it comes to physical beauty at least.

The road to self love is so long and full of way too many bumps to count but there is not a single doubt that it is worth every single minute you spent on your journey there – absolutely none.

Self Love isn’t about simply not caring or thinking that you’re the best and no one will ever beat you, it’s about knowing your own value and understanding that at times you won’t be the most perfect person in the world and actually being okay with it.

Most of the time , those who are insecure spend their days comparing themselves to other people – people who are not similar to them in any way. They compare themselves to people who did not ask to be a part of their little comparison game.

The whole issue of people’s inability to love themselves is the fact that confidence and body positivity is based around your physical appearance – nothing less and nothing more.

When all the signs of confident women point to the fact that they are worshipped for their appearance , it is only normal to assume that you will never be as amazing as them simply because you do not look like that girl that spent 8 hours a day training for a superhero movie or that woman that has her entire career based on her life style who also spends no less than 4 hours on hair and makeup.

Your life? It is not a reality show yet somehow we are all still expected to look like models and if we don’t then we are officially unworthy of anybody’s time.

We live in a world that makes the impression of it being okay to be insecure but the second that you become confident , all you get are dirty looks from girls who think you’re conceited and declines from guys who know that half of their pickup lines won’t work on you.

The whole point of confidence is realizing that your job on this planet is not to just sit still and look pretty. It is not to starve yourself until you reach the 40s and 50s on the scale. It is not to spend hours at the hair salon to look effortlessly beautiful.

Your whole existence has only one purpose. That purpose is you.

You are the only one that decides what that is but if I know one thing about that journey to finding that out , it’s that you deserve to be happy even if every person says you can’t be because you break a sweat when you put your socks on.

In this world, loving yourself is a crime because it goes again every little thing that society wants us to do.

You don’t need to depend on someone to tell you you’re beautiful because you already know that you every time you see your reflection.

You don’t need to spend hours looking at diets because you know as long as you’re happy with what goes in your body , your body will thank you and love you more.

You don’t need to critise every pretty girl you see because when you see beauty you can only hope for her to be as comfortable with her skin as you are.

Now isn’t that a world that you’d wanna live in?

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