What Girls Do When They Have a Crush

By: Lana Hazem

Having a crush is something normal that all of us go through, but girls.. we go to some great extents and bete2leb 3ala demaghna -at least 3al demaghy ana.

I’ll tell you some things that I personally do -ana msh 3arfa ana leh bafda7 nafsy b nafsy- here goes nothing.



I saw him. I liked him. Na2eit loun el satayer. Sameit our kids. Yes, girls actually do that, begd walahy.



Social media elhamdullah sahelet 3aleina el hayah w now you can get someone’s whole life from Facebook and Instagram. Step one in stalking is; tet2akedi eno msh mesaheb. W law mesaheb you continue with your mission to break them up -yes it’s so evil- you then follow his girlfriend so you can see what you’re missing for him to like you. Ba3d shewayet sehr w sha3waza, you slide in his dms and, it’s the beginning of a crazy and cheesy conversation.



Dy baa is a special case. One of my close friends -msh ha2oul enaha Chahenda- saw a guy and she heard a girl call him “X” -I’m not gonna say his name obv- she then proceeded to search his name in every single social network known to humans. And guess what? She freakin found him. They talked. They fell in love. Then fakaslaha -yes we do share some of the same sad love stories- nebareklo ya Gama3a 3alashan “X” hayetgawez el esbou3 el gay. He’s 17, I’m out.



This is also under the title of stalking -fy stalking kteer awy- because let’s admit ana mafysh ahsan menni into finding people, there was a guy photobombing a picture of mine. 3agabny. I had no clue what his name was wala what school he goes to, I found him. Yes, I’m that good *clapping audience*. La2eito ezay baa? Shoft soura 3and wahda sahbety and he was wearing the same shirt that he was wearing in the picture he photobombed -laffa bent kalb-



I will not explain this. Let your imagination run wild.



When a girl has a crush, her dignity is sometimes non existent aslan. He’s in trouble? Tesa3deeh. He needs money? You give him. He needs a ride? You call him an Uber. He’s bored? Tenzeleelo. He’s upset? You comfort him. He’s mad? Tehadeeh. He doesn’t talk to you? You get depressed. This is sad Bas it actually happens *rolls eyes*



Lama benheb ne3mel tenkeen baa. He texts you? “La estany rob3aya keda w rody”. You try to make him jealous b ay tare2a. You try to get a reaction out of him 3alshan yebayenlek en he actually gives a crap about you.



Some girls baa when they’re getting ready to meet their crush, beyrouho ye3melo sha3rohom w makeup w ahla w aghla lebss -bel balady keda beyelbesso el 3al habl- me? Ana bazel b sweatpants.. maybe that’s actually why my love life is so cringeworthy.. tesada2o mafakartesh fyha deh..


As girls, we do have our pushy and clingy moments. Bas trust me, when a girl loves you, she’ll go through hell for you. She’d be able to accept ay haga menak, and I know en most boys don’t like that. Guys like a challenge. Bas walahy, when you find a girl who’s willing to do anything for you and is willing to ignore people for you, fucking appreciate it and keep her and take care of her because you’ll never ever find someone like a girl who’s truly in love with you.


Adios bitchachos.

3 thoughts on “What Girls Do When They Have a Crush

  1. Amazing, i love reading from this “half article “. I honestly think that one day this page “teenntimes” will one day hit the forbes list!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 KEEP IT UP


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