How to Screw Him Up

By: Aicha Korachy


Dear girls,

Even though we are often portrayed in media as innocent defenseless creatures… we know that we are fully capable of screwing guys up when we want to. So if you weren’t born with this talent, here’s your very first guide on how to screw a boy up:

Text all boys the way you text him.

Make fun of him: degradingly, condescendingly and repetitively.

Threaten him with leaving, time after time after time again..

Give him the vibe that you’re interested, knowing that he has feelings for you, only to tell him: “Oh, hahaha no babe sorry, you’re like my brother!”

Take advantage of his fears. Of his secrets. Of his insecurities.

Tell him you love him. And then act like you’re no more than friends.

Take a dive into the next base, only to back out just as fast and accuse him of being too pushy.

Make him feel worthless.


Dear girls,

We often forget that even though we are sensitive creatures, men too can be sensitive. Just like some girls can be tough. So take a second before taking any decisions or performing any actions you could regret. Take caution when it comes to emotions, because being abusive has nothing to do with your sex. We often forget that men too need affection. Need that little extra bit of love. Feel the jabs of insecurity. Feel the blows of fear. And it’s your job as a partner to be there to help and not to worsen the pain.

Society has programmed us to assume that men are not sensitive, that you could beat the shit out of their emotions and they’ll automatically bounce back to being their cocky, carefree selves. Bullshit. Never in my life has something struck me as extremely stupid as this idea that guys have no feelings. What does that mean? They’re inhuman? They have no dignity? It is ridiculous how we’re always programmed to think this way. If you’re not convinced try measuring it the other way. Girls can’t be tough. They can’t take a breakup. Girls are always just so freaking emotional, God how do you guys live with yourselves?!


It’s bullshit, right?

This is a glimpse of what I personally did. I’m ashamed of it. But here it is out in the open.

I made a guy feel like I was falling for him, and then cut him off. Completely.

Do you know what my excuse was?

“Being an IB student is different, it’s much more difficult than your diploma! I swear I never answer anyone!”


This is me admitting that I enjoyed seeing him crumble. This is me redeeming myself. It was wrong and bad and mean and everything ranging from abusive to down right satanic. It’s slaps you across the face how you could sometimes subconsciously abuse someone’s emotions. It doesn’t make me a bad person, it just makes me human. I screwed up and guess what, you probably did or will too. I wanted to write this piece to give a heads up that if you ever are in this situation, think twice before abusing his emotions. Because he might be boy, but there’s a beating heart inside that ribcage. He might be a boy, but he really does like you and you really are crushing him. You might be girl, but we all have that evil part that enjoys being wanted and is willing to crush someone for the joy of it. You might be a girl, but you’re not as innocent as you think you are.


A few of these examples are part of real life experience of one my very close friends. He was very harshly put down by these constant double faced actions. I don’t ever want to see that broken look in his eyes again because a girl thinks that she can get away with it. Guess what? Social stereotypes might cover up for you, but your conscience never will.

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