What Happens In The Dark

By: Hanna Haitham 

I’m not afraid of the dark, I’m afraid of what happens in the dark. The whispers I hear in my head, the ones that I’m forced to portrait as a lullaby. The mournful cries that give me goosebumps to keep me company.
I try opening the light for a change, and I see everything clearly, it leaves no more room for the imagination, people change, voices are silenced, and cries are hushed down, this isn’t the world I know.
So darkness swallows me once more, I see everything in darkness, past pain present pain future pain, I see heartaches I see more pain, I see the world for what it really is, pain, it’s everywhere –  you can feel it, but only with the lights off.
Because in the darkness nobody has to hide, nobody has to shield their pain, the darkness is where the wounds open, it’s where the pain escapes, the voices echo, and the people change.
Darkness waits like a predator only to strip us of our sanity and leave us naked; to leave our pain palpable in the air, it strips us only to leave us with the voices in our heads; the poisonous words that aren’t really ours, these voices echo and grow and they shake you down to your marrow.
People are diverse, people are stars wrapped up in pain, people change, people cannot be categorized nor defined. They put up masks to deal with the day and let their stars fly out at night.
You can’t conquer your darkness for it conquers you.

Moral of the story:

People hide in the dark, seeking acceptance and validation. Somewhere along the road your inner darkness conquers you, but you’re used to it because you’d choose darkness any day over the light that silences the lies. We as humans can’t be defined or silenced. But that happens when the light is out. You can be free in the darkness, people reveal themselves in the darkness. People seek acceptance and they never get it unless they show their true colors, and unfortunately, that only happens when the lights are out.

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