An Eternal Resumption

By: Laila Tamer

We keep hearing news – bad ones – every couple of weeks in different places all over the world. A part of us consider it, talk about it, a part of us post about it to raise awareness and a part of us just witnesses it, silently..

Screen Shot 2017-12-05 at 7.23.43 PM.png

We have reached a level where we have almost figured out everything:
We made revolutions & wars and we evolved and stood against injustice.
We have figured out much about technology and economy which is a wide, wide world itself. All about sciences and medicine, cures & diseases. We have created unimaginable things and, we somehow managed to make life be the way we want it to.

We are at our peak. We are at our lowest.
We are losing concepts and values.
We are losing sense and we are gaining money.

We are gaining education, methods and intelligences, we are loosing connection, meaning, unity.

Our genuine knowledge made us illogical and ignorant, our brave revolutions made us unfair, our religions made us violent, our society made us different and our power made us weak. We have lost the values we fought for and the ideologies we stood for. Violence has become the norm all around the world. Terrorism has become the definition of disagreement, and slavery has become the new market, once again. People using people, people obsessed by things and devices; devices that poison our minds and our thoughts, devices that feed us hatred.
We are at our peak, we are at our lowest.

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We are losing what we can never get back: people’s lives. People who belong to families, people who made a difference, people who had a purpose, people who were loved, people who are at the end of the day – humans. Humans are killed by humans. One is killed by his brother, by his team, his country. One unable to gain certain rights because of his “race” or his “colour”. One considered inferior simply for being different.

Difference is variety, and variety is more: More cultures, more traditions, more ways of living, more accents, more anything but also; more violence. And by violence I mean moral violence just as much as the physical type, countries now tend to be implicitly racist. Laws that should unite are differentiating and labeling. This phenomenon leads to anger, dissatisfaction, rejection by society, so, in most cases, to terrorism. But terrorism, it is a form of ignorance that backfires on whoever decides to take part of it, it is a poisonous destructive ideology that only creates a world of insecurity, of blurred & useless conflict between countries and religions.

By terrorism, I mean every old, young, man, or woman, who decided to lose their rights by using violence. By terrorism, I mean every person who decided to accept money to destroy, every person who manipulated ignorant minds and fed them anger. By terrorism, I do not mean ISIS, I mean drunk people, careless people, and inhumane people. Many powerful people & countries witness this and claim being shocked by it and never seem to take any action against it, they remain silent. Silent towards the fire they created themselves, silent towards victims of violence, silent towards their own mistakes…

Where are we heading?

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