Moghamaraty ma3 Ezzeldin – Tinder Diaries Pt. 2

By: Lana Hazem

To understand what is going on here you have to read part 1


What most of you don’t know is that; ana kalemt Ezzeldin -i knew he was a catfish bas olt ashouf akhro- 3amalt nafssi msh masreya w dakhalt 3aleh English, el wad masada2 w das ma3aya. 2aly en he’s a famous guy in Egypt w en he’s on Tinder as “Ezzeldin” for disguise w en esmo el ha2i2y, yes you guessed it, Sherif Fayed. Tab3an ana wa2taha kont baftass mel dehk w kamelt 3ady, oltelo okay give me your number, edany his number w kan hatet souret Sherif as a profile picture -tab mastaghraboush?- a3ad yehkily 3an moghamarato hawl al 3alam el heya nosaha kanet khayal 3elmy howa me2alefo w el nos el tany beyehkii what happens in Sherif’s actual Snapchat stories. Elmohem, oltelo tab yala baa Snapchat, 2ali la for professional reasons I can’t give you my username because my manager msh beyerda -Manager. Allah yerham- this time baa i played the “you don’t trust me card” 2ali ha3mel Snapchat gedid w enty bas tkouni 3aleh oltelo tyb, he NEVER sent me a snap. W 3arfeen baa eh el laziz? Eno kan bey2oly eno f gam3a w 3ando 19 sanna.

Ba3deinn zay nos Tinder, he tries to get another type of convo going, faaa oltelo enni masreya w en Sherif Fayed 3ayesh f Dubai aslan, etsadam ya3eni. He blocked me w deactivated his Tinder account, hatewhashna ya Zizo walahy.



This one is special, he was a makeup artist. Takhayalo akoun bakalem wahed beyhot makeup LENAFSO ahsan meni.

I met him, kan labes fake lashes, wana makontesh hata makeup.

Kan gayeb a makeup kit ma3ah 3ashan kan “lesa gay mel shoghl” a3ad yehkily 3an eno helm hayato yekouun hollywood makeup artist, to cut it short msheit w sebto.



Dah baa ana sameito “pickup guy” begd he had the worst pickup lines i’ve ever heard, “on a scale of 1 to 10 you’re a 9 and i’m the 1 you need” “i’m no doctor but it looks like you’re lacking of vitamin ME” howa 2ali el kelmetein doul mn hena, ana 3amaltelo block 3alatoul -my blocked contacts list was so long man-  



Dah mashallah makansh beybatal kalamm 3an nafso, w aktar haga momayaza feeh eno kan bey3akess nafsso kaman, we switched to snapchat w he was always showing off his 6 pack. Okay it’s attractive, bas when you have the personality of a toenail it’s a big turn off wala eh?



The nerd. He was cute bas kan kalamo kolo 3an school and chemistry w hagat lel nas el zakeya -w ana IQ fosdo2aya aslan- so he basically made me feel dumb and stupid fa ata3t ma3ah akeid.



I found so many people i know w i screenshot-ed their profile w safeit 3alehom, I was there because I was bored to death in summer bas we all know why guys have tinder lol.


This is short I know, bas you had to know the story of Ezzeldin. He owns a special place in my heart -and in my blocked contacts list- Please don’t talk to weird people online as it might not work out like it did with me and worse stuff might happen. Dear Sherif, khaly balak mn your fake Tinder profiles w oul le Zizo ye-get his facts right, w while you’re doing that follow me -i’m so smooth sah?- , ana hassa eny hatsegen ba3d el articles dy walahy. Adiosss

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