It’s a Fucked Up World

By: Hanna Haitham

We are all going to hell, is probably the only thing that comes to mind when I think about how screwed up this place is. People seek shelter in volcanoes because they are attracted by their warmth and are surprised when it erupts in their faces. People look for love in a pit of despair and are traumatized when they get sucked in. People backstab each other, lie to each other, unaware of the seeds of hatred that spread through the hearts of the victims. People look for union in the broken pieces of each other.

Everybody wants something from somebody, everybody is looking for personal gain, nobody does anything out of pure kindness. We are struggling with the demons that live in our bones daily and we don’t realize that every breath we take when we are depressed is fuel – it keeps them alive inside of us. People forgot the main reason of us being here, people keep looking for answers they don’t know the questions of.

People chasing relentlessly after money and power until they meet their grave. People abandon morals and values for earthly pleasures, disregarding the afterlife we will all surely face. People are forgetting what it’s like to be alive, we recognize love in everything we see because we are dead inside, we look for flowers we can’t find in our own garden, our roses can’t bloom because they don’t have the rain of our self love. We are losing ourselves daily and I think it’s safe to say it’s a fucked up world.

Moral of the story: our world is headed south, morals of the people shaking, values are being forgotten, feelings remain unspoken all because of society, which is us actually –  we are society. The new norm that people live in and how the status quo is right now is completely damaging our belief system that has kept the human race alive for millenniums. We are the future, but if we stay like this we are headed nowhere. So – do something about it.

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