7 Emotions You Wish You Never Knew or Felt

By: Aicha Korachy

  1. Heartbreak: This feeling isn’t limited to breaking up with a boy/girl you thought you loved, this emotion flows in the death of loved one, the loss of your goal or even the loss of your own moral code.
  2. Fear: Of tomorrow, of him/her, of the world, of society or yourself.
  3. Jealousy:Raw, crude, on-the-brink-of-tears jealousy. Or the jealousy you have when you are not in the place to be jealous, simply because s/he is unaware or because nothing no longer binds you two.
  4. Failure: No longer are the ‘I will, I can’ chants useful, because you have let yourself down.
  5. Isolation: I’m not talking about being alone, but about being lonely.
  6. Loss: Those “I don’t know” moments when it comes to crucial decisions in your life.
  7. Insecurity.

We’re all human and we all face these emotions one day or everyday. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone because you’re not. I feel 10% fear, 20% loss, 30% jealousy, 10% isolation and 30% insecurity. She feels 50% failure and 50% heartbreak. He feels 40% fear, 20% lost, 20% isolation and 20% failure. It’s okay to feel all of the above, none of the above or some of the above. But what is not okay is not allowing yourself to feel them.

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