Advice Corner #2

The submission:

Okay so flashback to, December 3rd 2016, i met a guy, this guy let’s say en esmo X. Anyways, fedelna close w keda w i guess he was my “first love” then by time he told me eno he likes me w kda w i said en i do too bas I couldn’t date him because i have an older brother who’s completely against en his little sister tesa7eb w keda. Anyways,1 month later X da left me for another girl, w this girl was very close to me, within 3 weeks, they started dating . It broke my heart tab3an, i won’t get into the specifics of how dealt with the new,  for sure ya3ni there was crying ba2a w khara w keda. By time i got over it w keda w i started liking someone else let’s call him Y. Y never liked me back wana fedilt ba2a batfeshekh saf w khara kolo yeegi ye2ouli “ahh enti el Y fakeslek” w 7agat keda 3ashan ana bahebo w howa mesh bey7ebni and he pretty much friend zoned me ya3ni. El mohem embareh i met X again. For the very first time no3od ma3 ba3d since he decided to walk away. Begad a3adna ma3 ba3d 4 hours straight. Etkalemna 3an kolo 7aga begad w a3ad y2oli he regrets what he did w f nafs el wa2t begad he was soooo cute wana kont ba flirt bardo w begad kont mabsoota awii wana ma3a, w a3at afakar nafsi b kol el memories el kanet ma3ah wa2t ma we were a thing. Then rawaht, i don’t know why begad, bas akhat el karar eni ab3at le Y a paragraph telling him en i’m done with him w en i’m done with being the only one putting in effort w keda w i told him to get out of my life. I don’t know begad ana essay 3amalt keda w idk ezay da hasal. Bas my point is ya3ni is that i have no idea whether what i did was right wale eh. Ana mogarad a3at ma3 X mara, kol el memories reg3et, khalani begad ahes en malhash lazma aheb Y w afshakh nafsi kol da madam howa mesh beyhebeni, we khalani a2ta3 ma3 Y completely. Fa what do you think? Should i stop talking to Y fe3lan? Should i give X the chance to come into my life again and possibly falling in love with each other again? Or should i back off and let it go? I just feel lost and I have no idea what to do.

The Response

Okay first,

A very super duper important DISCLAIMER has to be made, en ana wala 5abira fel hayah (hehehe lol begad) wala in love w friendships wala 7atta men kotr ma ana 3isht w i experienced life en you should listen to me. I probably wouldn’t even listen to myself.


The thing is,


I can promise that I’ll be your voice of reason, because f gaw el masha3ir wen a7asis el e7na 3ayshin fi da, I honestly think en it would be super helpful so have someone like me to begad merely give you another view on things.


Okay awil lesson hanit3alimha about reason today en:


We don’t give people time that they don’t deserve.


Fa this Y person, obviously isn’t interested, fa you probably shouldn’t be wasting your time on him, I know en it might seem that by talking to him and getting closer to him en he’d eventually fall in love with you, w kol el gaw da, bas tbh el gaw da beta3 el aflam wel koto bas, which leads us to our second lesson about reason in life:


You can’t force someone to love/like you.


Which was probably your case ma3 this Y person, and honestly i feel for you, because i know exactly what it’s like to give someone literally 210% of your time and to barely get a 10% menohom 7atta, it’s emotionally and mentally draining and begad it begins to physically kaman drain you bet7isi begad enid in this never ending game of tug and war.


So bottom line is, Y most probably isn’t your best bet.


Moving on to Mr.X,


aaaaaahhh “first love”,


everyone has had one, w begad you will never ever forget home meen, no joke, and if you haven’t met yours yet, then begad howa haygilik/ak orayib ya bashaaaa


el insan da haykoon begad begad 3aleih control 3aleik/i betari2a 3’eir tabi3eya, w el 7ewar da lil asaf will probably last forever, it’s just the way life is ya3ni.


Fa in order to made your decision, lazem to take the whole first love thingy into consideration.


W bardu en howa he WAS the one who left in the first place, fa el howa why set yourself up for heart break again?


Fa those are two options right now,


However, the third begad is my personal favorite, and maybe it’s just time for you to choose yourself.


Cliche awi ana 3arfa, bas it’s an option that people always seem to forget.


You stop worrying about the drama, put the feelings aside, and just do you.


Go out with your girlfriends, leave your worries behind, and TREAT YO SELF.


And honestly if fate is on your side, Y will come to his senses and you guys might have a first chance,


Or life will lead you right back to X’s arms and you’ll continue the story that you never got to finish.


Or, you and life will move on,


You’ll have fun, pamper yourself,


And you’ll work on yourself, see if there’s any space to become a better version of yourself.


And you’ve begad got to remember en we’re young,


We’re suppose to make mistakes, get back up and learn from them,


We’re suppose to enjoy being young,


and we’re suppose to let life lead our course, because some things aren’t up to us.


Hope this helped any one outtt xxxxxx

  • The Voice of Reason 🙂

3 thoughts on “Advice Corner #2

  1. Honestly I think that you deserve much better mn el enty hakety dah and from what you also said you made it obvious that X is a dickhead w awel ma olty enek mesh hatsahby rah b kol sehoula hab wahda tanya which obviously means that he’s a fuckboy fa azon enek teb3edy 3ano de ahsan haga ashan mayehsalsh kol el hassal abl keda tany and I think u did the right thing about blocking Y from ur life. Don’t rush in. You’ll find someone who loves u just as much or maybe even more :)))


  2. This’s too complicated but okay.
    I think you should stop putting your energy in Y cause you’re only wasting your time with him.
    If he doesn’t want it why should you?
    You should sure give X a chance.
    And the only reason for that is that you want to but you’re afraid to take this step.
    And you’re not gonna go anywhere with that attitude.
    So give him a chance give yourself a chance to love again and just let it be.


  3. Bosssi , ha2olekk 3ala hagaa wala X wala Y asasan ye deserve you , la da habek wala da habek , we akbar 3’altaaa enek ta3melii , enek terga3i te talk to your ex or whatever the title was between u both , maho keda kedaa law rege3to ttkalmo , hayo3od ye2ool i regret it we beta3 we keda we el goal beta3o asasaan eno yekhalikii teheby tany , maho hay2ta3 tany , el bey7bik begad haya3ml ay haga 3ashan yekoon ma3aki , men el akher ba2a


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