7 Signs It Is Never Going to Work Out With Him (even if he’s a good guy)

By: Fatima Abdalla


Sometimes, it takes more than just desire to hold a relationship together 3shan mesh kol 2 beyefhamo ba3d. Well, here are 7 signs your future is probably not too bright with him:

1- You’re not his priority  

beyhebek ahh w kol haga, beykalemek 24/7 w zehe2ti men el mohn beta3o, bas beye3mel keda ma3 kam bent gheirek? If you have a thing, yeb2a lazem tekouni his priority, not one of his priorities. Asl law wahda tania heya el priority, mesahbek enty leh? Aw lama tes2alih why he didn’t text you mel sobh w ye2ollek “i was too busy”, stop and think – this isn’t a reflection of their schedule, this is a reflection of your spot on their schedule. Ya3ni law had tani aham 3ando mennek, khallih yesahebha heya ahsan.


2- Refuses to acknowledge your relationship in public

mesh lazem yekoun his instagram feed full of pictures of you together w his snapchat kollo videos of you being the cutest girlfriend ever. No, keep your relationship private (one or two pics won’t hurt tho) just don’t deny the fact that you’re in one. It’s not some kind of a top secret wallahy. If he refuses to admit odam sohabo (especially girls) enno mesahbek, yeb2a 3ayez ye act single with other girls so he could enjoy his time without you knowing anything. Girl, no, let these bitches know that he’s yours, all yours. 


3- Stupid excuses

So he doesn’t text you all day, doesn’t even know enty kwayesa wala la2 and you finally decide to text him and he’s like “sorry begad i didnt text you mel sobh kont bazaker”. Be te ehh? betzaker ah.. lol he probably doesn’t know ennek shayfah online mel sobh. Aw lama tekooni excited awi 3ala el khoruga  but he cancels it f akher de2i2a w ye2ollek “fih hewar keda w lazem arooh le sohabi but i’m gonna make it up for ya”. Kol haga 3ando excuses, stupid excuses le kol haga, even when he’s wrong about something he just doesn’t admit it 3shan mayetla3sh ghaltan odamek. If thats your guy, you better show him that his girl is clever enough to not get fooled by his stupid excuses..


4- He is dishonest

mesh asdi eno bey2ollek en el fostan tohfa 3aleki w you should wear it more often, when you both know it isn’t flattering. I mean he lies all the time, about big or small things and you’re always catching him somewhere he shouldn’t be. Bas leh te3meli f nafsek keda aslan? Mesh be3id yekoon beyekdeb 3aleki f his feelings towards you, too?Just be aware that if he lies to you once, all his truths become questionable.


5- You’re not comfortable around him

you constantly feel on edge, like you’re part of some kind of performance and you have to live up to your role. mel akher keda, mesh betkouni 3ala rahtek wenty m3ah w dayman hassa en you have to act in a certain way in order to please him or just so you don’t get judged. he probably doesn’t even know the real you because you’re always acting unnatural. if this doesn’t change by time, khalleeko sohab ahsan we matewga3eesh demaghek.


6- He isn’t investing

yeah, you’re making all the effort. “yalla nekhrog bokra” w “3ayza ahkeelak haga” w “lets go there together” law dol beyigo mennek enty bas, yeb2a he doesn’t care enough. But what’s love other than caring about someone and wanting for them more than you want for yourself? you deserve to be cared about, too, you deserve someone who’s going to invest in your relationship mesh yesibek enty te3meli kol haga. If you feel addressed, then sorry boo, but that’s a waste of time.


7- Makes a big deal out of anything

in my opinion, that’s usually a lack of maturity. Asl el yetkhane2 m3aki 3ala atfah haga matestahelsh t-argue 3aleha aslan, yeb2a immature mesh aktar. “Ezai te-post el soura di” aw “eh el enty labsah dah” aw “its takes you too long to reply” el hagat di te3mel 3aleha khena2a leh? If he really wants to keep you, he’ll try as hard as possible to avoid any problems, mesh ye make a big deal 3ala atfah haga. Mesh be3id yekoun mesh 3aref yetkhane2 ma3 sohabo el welad fa mafeesh gheirek ba2a.


Just know that in the end only you can know whether or not he’s the one. These are just some obvious signs, but still, some  could be fixed fa give him a chance w  mesh kol haga “la2 nefarkesh” because a relationship can still make it through after suffering one or two of these issues.

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