Take A Breath, You Will Heal

By: Hanna Haitham

Photo Credit: @moments_by_ashi

The human body is made up of millions of cells, some die, actually they probably all die but that’s okay because they make new ones and these make other ones in a never ending cycle until you are dead.

This has too many levels, but think of it this way; when someone hurts you, when someone scars you so bad you don’t think these wounds will heal, when someone breaks your heart and plays with the pieces. You will heal, no matter what you will heal, it’s life, and you thinking otherwise is also life. Your heart is made up of millions of pieces, one may die, but that’s doesn’t mean life is over. You have so much left to regenerate and give, and I’m not saying someone will come and complete your missing pieces because that’s not right. Your beauty is in the pieces that died with the things you love, your strength is in the new pieces that you continue to love everyday. You will be okay, you will survive this dilemma. All it takes is taking three seconds of clearing your head, and taking slow deep breaths. For three seconds you could be the young careless you, it won’t be a distant dream. For three seconds you could be the happy human you used to be. For three seconds you could play the part of the human with a mended heart. For three seconds you’re allowed to dream and let go of your troubles and responsibilities. For three seconds you can rest your mind, clear your head, leave your past behind.

But after three seconds your life flashes before your eyes and down go the dreams and the sunny, blue skies. I guess it’s back to reality because some things never change, yet still,  you challenge everyday three seconds at a time.


Moral: you’re stressed 24/7, you have bags under your eyes, you have a raging headache and you can’t numb the pain or stop your mind from overthinking. You should take a break, stop stressing, stop worrying, I understand this may be difficult, but it doesn’t take a miracle to clear your mind for three seconds. To breathe and clear your head, to smile, to let go, to laugh, to cherish everything around you. It may sound weird but you will heal, I promise. 

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