Strange Things Are Happening, and It’s All Very Visible in Stranger Things 2

By: Khaled Khalifa


I’ll start off by saying this is a personal theory, my analyses of this season are not solid facts.

In the new season of Stranger Things (which I watched all of the day it came out), we all knew what we were about to get into, but what we weren’t told was the message that the Duffer Brothers very implicitly implemented in this season.

Firstly, since season 1 we got a very action packed look into the town of Hawkins, where we found the Demogorgon lurking around, but we didn’t really get a closer look on what this creature actually was, or what it could portray.

My theory is that the ‘Hive mind’ which controls all these creatures like the Demogorgon, the Demo-dogs and who knows what else is a depiction of mother nature, where it kept power through its total control over its ‘hosts’

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.13.57 PM.png

As each episode went by we started to see what Will was seeing to be as these tunnels meandering deep underground which Joyce Byers later described as ‘vines’ or ‘roots’ which lead to the ‘Upside-Down’ where the Hive Mind resides. Throughout the season we see many nature-based scenes, which showed the beautiful colours of the thriving forest and scenery of Hawkins, which acted as a contradictory to the dark and isolated upside-down in direct relation to the Hawkins Lab which was depicted as the perpetrator of all of the conflict with the upside down affecting Hawkins. The use of Hawkins Lab could be seen as a portrayal of governments and institutes all around the world that are constantly experimenting and injecting so many harmful substances in huge amounts directly into the earth as the main source of what is destroying our planet.

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.14.37 PM.png

The Duffer Brothers then used the character of the Mind Flayer as a way to show that the earth has begun to retaliate towards all of the years of humanity rapidly destroying it as we begin to implement more chemicals and substances into our atmosphere and chemically “enhancing” and modifying every little thing on this planet. The Demogorgons are a result of reaping what we sow, we take nature and purity and destroy it for our materialistic needs, eventually the earth was going to have to regurgitate all the shit we’ve been putting into it, which is very evident now with the waves of destruction, a couple of years ago with the earthquakes, this past year with all the hurricanes and many more in the past. The Duffer Brothers were very clear with their message in the sense that the more we keep destroying the earth, the harder it’s going to turn around and bite us in the butt, and at that point we can’t do anything about it.Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 9.15.09 PM.png

As a final note, asides from all this this season was EVERYTHINGGGG, totally “bitchin”

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