Get Your Head Out Of Your Privileged Ass

By: Farah Dessouky

So that’s for you guys, here are things you should most definitely not tell to a feminist’s face unless your purposely pissing her off, which may or may not result in your death. But then again weren’t you asking for it? Also side note this is a very very angry article, because I am. So read at your own risk. (Daddy, sorry in advance)

1) “Ana zehe2t mn om el feminism da”

Seriously? Oh we are so sorry for the inconvenience. Maybe ONE thing unfortunately won’t go the way you want. We are sorry our actions and demands for our rights are getting into your “privileged male” time. And maybe just MAYBE instead of telling that me that you are sick of hearing about feminism, tell your sexist brother, friend, dad, or even teacher to stop being sexist, because we too are sick of having to demand rights granted by default to all males.

2) “It’s not that bad you’re exaggerating”

Let’s get something straight, you don’t know! You don’t face what we face; you don’t know how we feel. So simply you are in no place to judge what is taking it too far. Just like a white person can’t tell POC that they’re taking too far, and a straight person cannot decide what is and what’s not homophobic. So again your point of view on the matter just isn’t valid.

3) “Msh hategawezy/tesahby keda”

Yes we’ve heard it, in the ‘joke’ context, and in the ‘relationship advice’ context. We’re even familiar with the stereotype of the old-single- men-hating feminist. But the thing is I and every true feminist aren’t ready to trade our beliefs to end up marrying a person who’s sexist, and is going to exercise his power on us. In fact, great, we aren’t really dying and hoping to be with guys who have such fragile masculinities that they can’t take being with a woman who believes in the fact that she is their equal. So lucky us!

4) “Ana msh feminist bas msh sexist”

This statement baa really makes me laugh. It just shows how our society really doesn’t know what feminism actually is. So here’s a quick eye opening vocabulary lesson. Feminism is the belief of equality between sexes, whereas sexism is the belief of inequality and prejudice according to sex. So really there is no middle ground. And while we’re at it because not every day you get to teach people important vocabulary, misandry isn’t feminism. Misandry is simply ingrained hate for men, which a true feminist should be against. So basically, if you’re not a feminist then you’re sexist, and you’re not ‘tary’ if you’re a guy who happens to be a feminist. And lastly, I shall continue to write, express my opinion, unapologetically, fiercely, till I hear the words “sexism is ancient, of course we’re all equal, duh!”


2 thoughts on “Get Your Head Out Of Your Privileged Ass

  1. I believe in equality 100% but I don’t call myself a feminist. Does that make me sexist? No. Just because I don’t want to use labels doesn’t mean I’m sexist. Modern feminism is kind of a joke and is taken as a joke by literally everyone. Who would want to associate themselves with people like Amy Schumer and those problematic SJW’s all over tumblr? Not me, for sure. If you’re like “Not all feminists!”, I know not all feminists are like that, but most are. I’m a woman, by the way, if that helps.


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