Yekhrebbeit El Double Standards

By: Deema Abouelenein

Double standards are a major problem in this society, where girls are obligated to do things and not allowed others, while – for the most part – guys beybarta7o 3ady. Are you tired of this society, this culture, and akeed your parents? We all are. We are obligated to follow what everyone says and if we don’t? We’ll be labeled as “seyya3″ and called names! We should stop this madness and put an end to it before it becomes even worse.

Apparently, el banat lazem yesma3o kalam ahlohom dayman. We are always being told:
“matkhaleesh walad yemsekek”

” mathazareesh ma3 welad keteer”

“matet7akeesh besot 3ali”

“mator2oseesh in public”

“mato7doneesh welad”

“matokhrogeesh ma3 welad lewa7dek”


“Kharga ma3 meen?”

“so7abeek ma3rafhomsh”

“mayenfa3sh te3meli keda 3ashan enti bent”

and the list? is endless; bas leh?! Leh el kalam da mayet2alsh lel welad? E7na leh ahalena bey5afo 3aleena we menena bas maykhafoosh men aw 3ala el welad? The root of the  problem with some of the guys of this generation is that they aren’t watched and aren’t asked nor told the same things as us, they aren’t questioned and they don’t have set rules, especially with the moms. We should be asked and treated the same way – that’s equality. It’s 2017 we faskhkheen el mantek already, bas lama neegy netkallem 3an el mantek begad, this is never a subject that we talk about with our parents.

Mashy we complained about it, khalas done, now we have to think, how can we change this? Ask yourselves…

E7na banat we welad bene3mel kol 7aga ma3 ba3d.
We are constantly together and we do so so so much together. Our parents should treat us the same way, men gheir sexism, men gheir double standards, we should talk to them about it, we should tell them e7na benfakkar ezay. Our parents aren’t infallible, they’re human, and they fear the unknown, and fi masr? khayfeen men el known bardo – their own experiences – we khayfeen enena NEBOOZ we tbh ma3ahom 7a2 yekhafo in consideration of our current social and political climate.

E7na ka generation baa? Battal yekoon 3andena concept HARAM w 3EEB men sa3et amma el “openminded-ness” took over, and this is a huge problem in our society, we have to eliminate it now before we get into a higher position of power. You can change, you can push yourself to be better, you can talk to your parents, you can change the way they see things, the way the rest of this generation even sees things, you are the future and if this isn’t when we start doing shit, then I’m sorry bas then 7a2 kol 7ad including us to say “E7na ray7een fe seteen dahya.”

You be the change, you put boundaries, you work on yourself enough to see your future self every time you look in the mirror, and most importantly – learn from your parents, learn men both el 7elw wel we7esh feihom. And please? quit it baa with the double standards.

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