Forgive Yourself

By: Celine Takla

Mistakes, we all make them.

Guilt is a feeling that I am no stranger to, and I can confidently say the same goes for many of you. It’s okay to feel guilt, it’s okay to express yourself when you feel bad about yourself or something you’ve done. Forgiveness isn’t just about moving on or letting go, it also includes dealing with your feelings. It’s not easy, but it’s a decision we have to make.

One of the worst experiences is unintentionally hurting a loved one – or possibly yourself. And while this may impact our lives in a disappointing, stressful, depressing way, we need to forgive ourselves and move on.

There is so much pressure on learning to gain and give forgiveness to and from others that self forgiveness is always pushed to the back of our minds, we become numb to the idea that the issue could be internal.Beneath my skin is a battle against myself, and in that case, can i really win? We’ve all been there, we’ve all searched around for reassurance and confirmation instead of facing our issues.

You are your own home, regardless of where you are, you’re there. Learning to self forgive is like cleaning out the attic, it’s time to open your windows, bring in the fresh air and sweep all the dust out. Remove yourself from the guilt you’ve been bearing and free yourself of the negativity that follows. In fact, don’t stop at cleaning out your attic, decorate it – fill the room with what you think represents yourself. And if it’s not aesthetic as you would have hoped, love it, unconditionally.

There are a number of things that we need to remember in order to forgive ourselves:
1. The past is in the past, dwelling on it will not change anything.
2. The fact that you feel guilt makes it clear that what happened was not inline with your morals or personal ethics, it wasn’t you.
3. We’re not perfect, and that’s okay.
4. Having done a bad thing, doesn’t make you a bad person.
5. You can always turn the page and start anew.

we’re human, mistakes are a given, forgiveness is a choice.

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