Kickstart Your Healthy Lifestyle – Struggle Free!

By: Ahlam Said

Letsss do thiss!
Before we start anything you must convince yourself and set your mind that YOU can do anything YOU set your mind to, and YOUR body is a gift from God that you must nourish and take care of and give it all its need!
We’ve all been through all the crash diets and we either tortured ourselves, got bored, hated it, or found results then went back to where we started.
The only thing that actually makes you loose weight and maintain it, is putting the scale on a side and setting a goal of living a healthy lifestyle.
*Eating healthy, working out, and looking at it from a different perspective and surrounding yourself with people who want to do the same*
Take into consideration that you must eat to function and for your metabolism to work, so you just need to balance your diet.
DRINK WATER DRINK WATER DRINK WATER Drinking water regularly may promote fullness and increase your metabolism, both important factors in weight maintenance – and loss.
Divide your food intake into 5-6 meals per day and try to keep a 2-3 hour difference between each meal. COOK AND EAT AN HEALTHY ALTERNATIVE OF WHAT YOU LOVE!
  • Breakfast: Healthy Carb and Protein
  • Snack #1: Any type of fruits, nuts, or vegetables!
  • Lunch: Any grilled protein+ A big big bowl of salad + (Steamed basmati rice, roasted potatoes, boiled brown pasta. IF NEEDED)
  • Snack #2: Any type of fruits, nuts, or vegetables!
  • Dinner: Keep it light and avoid carbs and sugars (Protein would be good, or a bowl of salad with protein!)

Start by these switches that would actually make a difference:

1. White Bread >>> Whole grain bread
2. Sugar >>> Honey
3. White pasta and Rice >>> Brown pasta &rice
4. Full fat Milk >>> Skimmed milk
5. Full fat Yogurt >>> Low fat yogurt
6. Salted Nuts >>> Raw nuts
7. Coffee >>> green/herbal tea (all day)
8. Milk chocolate >>> Dark chocolate
9. White cheese >>> Cottage cheese (Gebna areesh)
10. Butter >>> Olive oil if it doesn’t require a lot of heat and Coconut oil if it requires heat
11. Cream >>> Coconut Milk
12. Chips >>> Air popped popcorn
13. White flour >>> Whole wheat flour.


Combining exercise with a healthy diet is a more effective way to lose weight than only depending on one! For Faster results. Working out will help you get closer to your goal by burning calories and building muscle.
However, that’s not the only reason to make exercise part of your daily life. Exercise also helps prevent many health conditions, decreases stress, and makes you feel better. It increases metabolism (how many calories you burn in a day)!! You don’t need to join a fancy gym or equipment to workout! Just set a goal of working out at least 30 minutes a day, start by 15 then build up to 30! Here are some examples to get you going:
  • Walk, Jog, Run
  • Dance
  • High Intensity training (HIIT)
  • Cross training
  • Yoga, Stretching
  • Do any kind of at home workout.


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