Periods are not “Gross”, Period.

By: Celine Takla

This one is for my guys and my girls.

Periods. The menstruation cycle. Shark week. Aunt Flo. Crimson tide. Moon time. The time of the month. Womanhood week.

Periods are often seen as a taboo because they’re perceived as an awkward, unnatural, embarrassing subject to talk about. But they should not be, the menstrual cycle is a natural bodily function, it is a part of human biology.

The female menstrual cycle is a topic that children generally first come across around the ages of 10-13, and it is introduced as a topic that should stay between girls and boys should never have to hear of such a thing. The menstrual cycle is a beautiful thing.Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.14.41 PM.png

It is however, completely rational to view it as a partially unpleasant experience (theres bloating, headaches, cramps, discomfort, hormone fluctuations, etc.) and it’s okay if one is not a huge fan of their period. However, it’s not okay to be ashamed of it.

Periods are not disgusting, menstruated cycles are the reason you are reading this article here today, they’re life-giving. Period blood is not disgusting, in fact it’s no different to regular blood, and I don’t see anyone making harmful comments when you cut your finger.

Also, (and this applies to both ladies and gents) asking a woman if “she’s on her period” due to her behavior – although possible – is not always appropriate, this is because the idea that the period is the cause for my emotions strips a woman of her right to feel things just because she can, our culture is indicating that i have to have concrete evidence that there is a valid reason for my emotion, like honestly i’m not annoying because i’m on my period, i’m annoying because that’s who i am. So here are some Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 5.14.32 PM.pngscenarios where you shouldn’t ask:
1. If she’s stressed about a situation that isn’t generally nerve racking.
2. If she’s feeling more lazy than the usual.
3. If she’s having cravings.
4. If she’s emotional about the little things.

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