That Person Who Hurt You? Will Meet Their Karma

By: Mariam Ghozzi

(Whatever pronoun applies to you, might be written for girls against fuckboys but the opposite is true – no discrimination)

We all fell in love with fuckboys before, I PROMISE you, sooner or later he’ll meet a girl, fall in love with her, and she’ll play him. Trust me when I tell you that he’ll get hurt more than you ever did since she was actually the only girl he’s ever truly loved.

Okay ladies, I get you – all of you – I’ve been played more than the days I’ve lived, literally. It hurts, but it’s normal, we all know that “fuckboys” msh born fuckboys, msh magic howwa, so I’ve talked to some of my “fuckboy friends” about why they choose to play girls then leave them b excuse tafeh maloosh lazma, and what they said might just shock you:

1.”I fell in love with a girl, she broke me, I was ruined, so I decided to put my feelings aside and just play girls, no feelings at all, what so ever”.

2.”3ady yabenty, ehna lesa soghayarin yaani sebiny a3mel el ana 3ayzo”.

3.”Mesh moshkela leh, she’ll get over it”.

4.”Howa keda keda ana berahty w yewla3o kolohom, mahadesh lih da3wa”

Believe it or not ladies, reason number 1 actually shows that some guys have feelings! Shocking right? Tell me about it. But as you can see that there are more unexplainable reasons than explainable, I just can’t understand how the hell guys live with themselves knowing they truly hurt a human being’s feelings and caused them pain. I could never fake my feelings, if I like you I’ll tell you, if I don’t like you I would never come say “I really like you”, like.. NO! NO NO NO NO NO!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING GUYS/GIRLS? THOSE ARE FEELINGS YA HABAYBI NOT GAMES.

Apparently most guys are treating girls like games now a days, (yaret ma ala2ish had gai ye’oli “enty betla2ahi kalam 3alaya” because there’s no one specific in my mind while i’m writing this article.) Ehna human beings msh le3bet el happy meal, please take that into consideration.

Some guys think it’s “seya3a” to play with a girl’s heart, he tortures her, tells her what to wear, what to do and who to talk to, of course she could never refuse since “she’s in love with you”, dumbass, fale7 bas te3mel feiha “dakar” 3aleiha. Us girls sa3at el 7ob beye3meena fa benefteker enno “ah he’s telling me what to wear and who to talk to w bta3 akid he cares about me w he loves me”, no girls, don’t fall too easily – da bey control you w enty unknowingly beteddeelo your freedom, wake up.

Some fuckboys say “mat’olish le had until we’re official” some of them actually mean it, yet 3/4 are indirectly telling you “ana bahawel afahemek eny bahebek wana aslun mesh bahebek bas ayez HAGA menek w mesh ayez had ye3raf ashan mayeb’ash manzari wehesh odam el nas or he’s actually mestakhsar to show his friends en howa beyzabatek” i know, the truth hurts but when you put it that way it actually makes way way more sense habebty.

As I said before, one day, a girl will meet that fuckboy that broke your heart, she knows he’ll play her, so she makes a plan to play him back, he thinks about playing her, he talks to her, he falls in love with her while she thinks that he’s tryna show her he loves her w howa aslun beyel3ab biha, she plays him, he finally gets hurt. There are 5 consequences following this mawkef:

1. He gets hurt so he feels guilty for what he did to the previous girls he played and how hurt they were so he decides to actually treat girls right and fall in love TURLY.

2. He gets hurt so he decides eno “yaani el mara el wahida el aheb atfeshekh? laa balash tany khaliny ebn la3iba bal3ab bel banat zay ma kont”

3. The fuckboy runs after the girl, talks to her friends, talks to his friends so they would talk to her so she would actually understand he likes her, this also has consequences which are the upcoming, n4 & n5..

4. Either she takes him back and falls in love with him truly n they live happily ever after, blah blah blah .

5. Or she stays mosera eno he’ll play her and tefakeslo n he gets hurt and chooses one of the consequences i named fo2 which are n1 and n2.


If you notice, all guys say “ana kont bal3ab bel banat bas etghayart, now I want something serious” w yo3od yefahemek en you mean so much to him and everything wenty fel akher mesh far2alo b nekla aslun, you should know by now that fuckboys lie about not only their feelings, but about neyethom and how they actually are.

Be careful girls, ana arfa enoko betkounou arfin eno fuckboy w teftekro enoko hatghayarouh, but trust me it’s not that easy khalis, you’ll get played, you’ll get hurt, you’ll fall in love with, it’s all normal of course.

If any of you girls ever need advice or someone to guide you, you know you could call or text me whenever you want, w hatta law you don’t know me you could DM me on instagram, i’ll always be here for all of you, i know how you’re feeling and how bad it hurts, it’s like you’ll never get over him w it’s akher el 3alam but trust me, you’ll get over him and no it’s not akher el 3alam at all, bel 3aks, you learn from your mistakes, i love you girls.

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