9 Things To Avoid Doing If You’re An IB/Bac/SABIS/ Student

By: Aicha Korachy

Many students are welcoming the new school year be albohom keda. Tab3an dah doesn’t apply lel dakhel el diplomas el fa7t (homma 3arfeen nafsohom aw momken tebosso 3al title). Here are nine points I’ve come to acquire from my alumni friends from various schools about the things you should avoid if you’re stuck in one of the above diplomas. After exactly one day fel maframa – IB in my case – I’ve come to realize them begad (tab3an el advice deh mesh bel 7arf, bs el resala wasalet):

1. Memes:

NEVER START TOO EARLY WITH THE MEMES. They depress you, kill you mentally, shoot your motivation and strangle your rationality.

2. Bathroom Breaks:

don’t. Unless your bladder will literally explode, do *not* leave the class for something as silly as taking a dump. Trust me, if the teacher even allows you to leave, you’ll come back to 7 tests, 3 essays and 12 scheduled homework assignments.

3. Sleep:

Once again as useless as peeing when all your mind will ever think about is “MUST. FINISH. I.A.” aw “MUST.FINISH.ESSAY”

4. ‘Easy IB Subjects’:

To Art and Film students, they’ve taken the detour from a final but suffer with the workload. To you, they’ve taken the easy way out. A debate that no one will ever win. Ever.

5. Ask Your Teacher for your test back:

leh? leh fe3lan? Enta el leek el final. Ayy 7aga fel nos malaksh da3wa beeha, deh modareseen menafsena w haygeboolak el alb abl el final.

6. Teza3al Omak:

Allah ma yoreek 3’adab el om. Sada2ny do3a el om sob7an Allah feh baraka. Eyak thoma eyak teza3al omak la7san hatla2ee ka7ka menawara fel final.

7. Teseff 3ala Modares:

Ew3o teseffo 3ala modares, cause he probably knows ennoko betseffo 3aleih, bas awwel amma yeegy wa2t el finals the table will turn w hayb2a shaklak weheeessshhh.

8. Teshteky mn Exams:

Eyyak te complain about how many exams/quizzes/tests you have 3shan if you do, msh hay2ello ya habeeby, dol hayektaro w hatkoon enta dayya3t wa2t complaining.

9. Be Optimistic:

El sara7a 7elwa. Law enta mesh mekhalas el manhag w dakhel keda bel baraka emta7an Chemistry HL/AP zareef keda… Balash el tomoo7 beta3 el ta2feel aw shebh ta2feel di, khalek realist 3ashan el beyfakar ye7lam fe ay wahda mel diplomas di ya 7aram beygeelo sadma.

Note from Staff: Mel akher kda avoid ay haga mel diplomas di hefazan 3ala se77etko el gasadeyya, w el 3aqleyya, w el nafseyya. W natammana li kol 7ad beyakhod el araf da kol el tawfeeq.

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