10 Shatayem We’re All Called By Our Parents

By: Aicha Korachy

Whether we meant to mess up or not and whether we deserve it or not, being called names by our parents is in their job description. Of course, we all have our own special names that only our parents curse us with, but here’s a list of the 10 most used names by our beloved parents to the Egyptian youth:


  1. Ya Zeft or Ya Zefta: the standard name that usually has nothing to do with behaving badly, but is usually used as a nickname. Problem is, when mama hollers for ‘el zefta,’ you’re always left questioning; me? Or my sister?


  1. Ya Ma3afen/Ya Kazer: almost always used to get you to shower or clean up your room because, according to mama, your room is a ‘zereeba.’


  1. Ya Ebn/Bent El Kalb (sometime simply ya Kalb/a): When all else fails and your parents no longer have it in them to direct names at you, they conclude that you are definitely not human, but the off spring of some stray dog and should be treated as suchs


  1. Ya 7aywan/a: Always, always, associated with bad behavior. Whenever your mom is yelling on the phone the main subject is almost always the ‘7ayawan’ that is her son.


  1. Ya Fashel/a: Whenever exam season is around the corner, your official name it changed to ‘ya fashel’. Usually associated with the phrase, “om zaker” or “mesh hatefla7 fe 7aga.”


  1. Ya 7omar: Egyptian Term of Endearment. Bas kda.


  1. Beheem/Beheema/Gamoosa: Sometime in reference to your eating habits, but mostly used in reference to your IQ.


  1. Ghabey/a: Whenever you and your parents miscommunicate, although on many occasions they’re the ones that misunderstood, the word can never be used back. Ever. Or it’s the slippers between your teeth and the hunger whooping your ass.


  1. Waty: A label that simply means you’ve bailed out on a family gathering to be with your friends. Especially if it’s that one Tunt that your mom hates – leiletko soda.


  1. Ya 7abiby/7abebty: Never under estimate the power of sarcasm when it comes to this word, specifically when the sentence starts with “ya salam?” or “bgd?”.

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