We’re Seniors

By: Youssef Yasser

Seniors ’18 we finally made it, We’re finally seniors!! We’re now living the dream that we’ve always had since our first day in primary school. “I want to be a senior” we would tell ourselves every single time we saw a graduating class, some may have been attracted by their unique shirt colors, some were attracted because of their freedom, some were just because of the huge look of respect and admiration the teachers give to them, some, like myself, were attracted by something far more beautiful and pure.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 7.07.59 PM.png

The laughter and giggles that were always coming from their hearts when they’re together. Always backing up one another when they needed each other – they completed each other. Seniors were always like one big family, but an honest one, not faking any bit of it. So for our final 9 months together I just hope that we are even better than all other previous and upcoming seniors.  And always remember that this is our final chapter of only one book from life’s amazing chronicles. Seniors i hope we have an awesome year.

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