5 Types of Boyfriends You’ll Encounter in Your Adolescence

By: Lana Rabie

Whether you like it or not, you will have crushes as a teenager, maybe you’ll start dating some of them. Who knows? The only thing that’s for sure is that you’ll come across different types of boyfriends. From serious relationships to summer flings, they come in all forms, so let me break them down for you, one by one.

1.The First Love: This boyfriend will never be forgotten, ever. He’s the one who taught you everything you know about relationships, and all about how to love someone, maybe even how to love yourself. You’ll be in that dreamy state, the euphoria of falling in love will get to your head, so when you two breakup you’ll be devastated and you will need to take time to heal. The worst part about all this is when one of your friends tells you these deadly words in the form of “advice”: “ya benty khalas sibek meno, you deserve better”, or even worse, “kol el 3eyat da maloosh lazma, get over it”. NO! Please just don’t. They will never understand until they experience it.

2. Mama’s Boy : I’m not talking about the guy that won’t do anything without his mother’s approval, that’s an article by itself uslan. I’m talking about the one who needs a motherly figure around 24/7 and by that I mean you, his girlfriend. He’s a kiddo after all, he needs someone to feed him and be his shoulder to cry on. He may even need someone to wipe his butt for God’s sake. He will cling onto you at that party, he will text you even when you tell him you need to sleep. I mean – don’t get me wrong – in the beginning that’s kind of nice, but as the time passes it becomes exhausting ; having to be responsible for another human being that is.

3. The Classic Fuckboy : You know he’s a fuckboy, you’ve heard many stories about him, but deep down you hope you’re going to be the girl to change him – the crappy romance movie scenario where the good girl changes the player for the better cause he falls for her. Well, sorry honey, that ain’t happening. He’s going to date you for three weeks, break up with you using a lame ass excuse and then maybe top it off by spreading rumors about you. Maybe you should’ve listened to your friend’s words, “sibek meno da badboy”, or “mota2akeda yaani enno beyhebbek ?”Even though you’re usually expecting it, you still end up heartbroken…

4. The Too Good to Be True: Now this one is a bit similar to the fuckboy but, man, he’s just so good at lying. Nobody knows he’s a fuckboy, he convinces everybody around him that he loves you, even his close friends, so he can do whatever he wants without you doubting for one second. Smart moves huh ? He’s just always there, too understanding, too gentle. And once you give him exactly what he wants… where did he go ? Nobody knows.

5. The Summer Fling : You both know what you want, and that’s just fun and games for the summer, just to fill up that empty space in your schedule, or maybe in your heart… You go out everyday together and when someone asks you if you’re dating, either you’re one courageous girl and you say : “la2 da bas el summer fling beta3i ” or you’re just like any of us and you simply reply with“ la2 ehna benzabat bas shakly keda hafkes.” And when August 31st arrives you both return to Cairo, and never talk to each other again; as if nothing happened between you two, just as if you’re strangers.

These are only 5 of all the types but they’re the ones you’re bound to bump into at some point in your teens – unless you’re lucky enough to bump into “the one”.

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