15 Thoughts That Ran Through Your Mind Watching the GoT Finale

By: Leila Yasser

Yesterday’s episode of the ungodly Game of Thrones was definitely one like no other, it was one that left you staring at the screen hours after it ended wondering who came up with a storyline that harsh? I bet you, that several times during this episode, there were scenes that led us all to having the exact same thought and so here are 15 thoughts that must have crossed your mind while watching Game of Throne’s season 7 finale:

1.So wait, the hound cares about something? About Arya? Did he just smile? Am I watching the wrong show?

2. So Danny just made the most dramatic entrance of the series, on the first dragon to be seen in hundreds of years and Cersei’s first comment was that she was late?? Heya el set di ma3andahash dam?

3. So after a good three seasons of trying to get rid of Euron, THIS is what it took to get rid of him?

4. Cersei ISN’T going to kill Tyrion and Cersei is about to do something good? It really is the end of the world and NOT because of the white-walkers…

5. Seriously Sansa? You’re letting little finger get to you? What a gullible little gir… NVM.

6. I’ve been waiting to see this man cry, beg, and have his throat slit for quite a long time and this just shows how bad of a person this show has made me.

7. So bran has finally decided to say something? Really? For someone who knows everything ever that definitely took him quite some time.

8. I don’t think anyone could be as proud of a … missing organ, as Theon is right now..

9. So you’re telling me this psychotic woman didn’t kill the person she hated most in the world but now she’s about to kill her twin brother/lover???

10. R+L=J confirmed??? While they were on that boat?? Bran’s timing could not get any worse.

11. aegon targaryen. AEGON TARGARYEN.

12. Where is Gendry and why hasn’t he reunited with Arya yet?

13. So i really have to wait until 2019 to find out if Tormund is dead or not?

14. Blue fire? Ice? Dragon? No wall? Army? Dead?

15. Well, shit.

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