Little Black Dress

By: L.Kassem

It all started with a little black dress. Never would anyone think that a short black dress would show the bigger picture of our disoriented and distorted society. An innocent night well spent celebrating an acquaintance’s birthday turned into a judicial court of merciless thoughts and stares. An article of clothing kept people talking for weeks. An outfit inspired by a beautiful Aussie actress interpreted as a seductive intention. Wait…. there it is. The outfit was beautiful on the blonde bombshell. It was unimpeachable, outstanding and everything else under the sun but she undoubtedly looked amazing. Not judged.

However on the Middle Eastern girl it was sinful, iniquitous, and ungodly. Do you see the pattern? As long as her beach blonde waves flew through the air and she carried a foreign residence and passport her once seen “immoral” behavior is quickly justified. This isn’t an invitation to shame the actress but rather a cry for awareness. Mafeesh 7aga esmaha “homa keda w e7na keda”, or “they’re raised that way”. That sentence is only an excuse to rationalize judging people or conforming to this double-standard accepting society.

There’s a right and wrong deed and you have no say in either one of them. You do not decide what is acceptable and what isn’t, and you do not declare anyone anything just because you sin differently. By the way, wanting to fuck either one of them doesn’t mean you’re open-minded and that you are different or showing acceptance, and if an article of clothing is what really offends your faith then eftekero rabboko fi 7agat tanya. El 7agat el mohema zayye el a5la2 la ennaha msh bel hedoom w exterior shell, it’s about the inside of this person and the things they stand for and believe in. If you’re really clutching on your religious standards then remember the most important one of all and that is: YOU ARE NOT GOD AND YOU HAVE NO


5 thoughts on “Little Black Dress

  1. I love this, you don’t know me btw bas I’ve been reading you’re articles and stories and I really liked it, keep going ! (Fadila)


  2. This was amazing and I love how this really brings out the true color in our society, looking forward to your next article!


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